Sally Brinkmann and the team at BGI Consultants work with each individual practice and company to determine their individual needs. Our CLNC services give your law practice or company the competitive edge in medical litigation. Our goal is to help you win cases. We tailor our services to help you win cases and provide cost-effective, time-saving strategies that will save you money, time and increase profits.

Services include, but are not limited to those listed below:

* Screen/Analyze Medical Cases for Merit

* Review and Analyze Medical Records, Hospital Policies & Procedures

* Develop Reports, Chronologies and Timelines

* Assess Injuries/Damages and Contributing Factors

* Identify and Locate Medical Expert Witnesses

* Identify Potential Witnesses

* Research and apply authoritative medical and nursing literature.

* Identify Adherences To/Deviations From Standards of Care.

* Attend and Report on Independent Medical Examinations

* Review Billing Records

* Compare and Analyze Expert Witness Reports

* Review, Analyze and Summarize Depositions

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